Plant Science Day: Orchids in Britain

By Susanne / May, 7, 2012 / 0 comments

May 18th is International Plant Science day ‘Fascination of Plants’. Talking to a friend about the guided botanical walk I have organised she commented “I thought plant science was just to do with GMO”. Plant science is a broad discipline looking at plants at many levels from forestry management and agriculture through to social aspects of our interactions with plants. On the guided walk we will be heading to a site that is great for orchids. I have also enticed ‘OMG Orchid Dave’ also known as the orchid expert Dr Dave Roberts out of the University to the woods for the walk. As well as orchids we will look at the other plants on the site and the relationship we have with all of these plants from how we use them to the influence our land management has on them. The walk is arranged for May 19th; a Saturday, so that people who are working Monday-Friday can make it. More details are on the University of Kent website