“A plant scientist who consults on botanical ingredients, travels for orchids, wild swimming and edible adventures”, ‘Kew’s Teas, Tonics and Tipples’ book.

I studied botany at Kew and work on product development. Work related travel has led to explorations of distilleries in both hemispheres across three continents, wild swimming from South Africa to Iceland, and wild orchid hunting from English sea shores to Bhutanese mountains over 4000m high.

Here is a video on how I got into studying the relationship between nature and culture, specifically those between people and plants i.e. ethnobotany. My MSc research was on the use of plants to flavour alcohol. My PhD research is based in Turkey on the topic of edible wild orchids. Beverages, food, Turkey, uses of wild plants, and orchids are ares on which I have specialist knowledge.